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Back Issue, No. 1 : January 1996

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Battle Study:

Scapegoat or Villain?
Did Marshal Grouchy's decisions doom Napoleon's plans at Waterloo? Or was he simply the victim of bad luck, incompetents, or just the "fog of war"?
By Ed Wimble and Matt DeLaMater

Tactics & Organization:

Napoleon Conquers Time and Distance
The French Emperor confounded his opponents with his battlefield genius. Was his secret weapon the new French staff system and the dashing aides-de-camp?
By Lt. Col. Wilbur Gray


The Incomparable Pauline Bonaparte
Napoleon's favorite sister, and most loyal sibling, loved her brother, the arts, the celebrity of being royalty, and exhibiting her beautiful body.
By Diana A. Brown


Proctor Patterson Jones
The new President of the Napoleonic Society of America talks about the future of the NSA and how he assembled his highly acclaimed book on Napoleon.

Collector's Sourcebook:

The Sound of an Era
A list of Revolutionary and Napoleonic music compiled
by J. David Markham

Toy Soldiers and Collector Figures
A survey and examples of these alluring historical miniatures.
By Ernie Jones

Uniform Study:

The Vistula Legion
This famous Polish unit fought in Spain and Russia. Its colorful career, along with its colorful uniforms, are outlined here.
By George Nafziger and
Tad J. Kwiatkowski


  • Editorial: A letter From the Publisher
  • Napoleonic Library:Reviews of Selected Titles
  • Travel:The Dutch Army Museum
  • Napoleonic Notebook:Tales, Trivia, and Other Tidbits
  • Game Review:An Award- Winning Design About Waterloo
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