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Back Issue, Fall 2000: Number 17

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An Introduction to the Age of Napoleon

A special illustrated guide to his life, his wars, and his world

Napoleon on TV
A review of the PBS series which will introduce Napoleon and his era to millions this fall

Introductory Guide
Why Napoleon?

Chapter 1: Prejudice & Pride
Napoleon: native of Corsica – unhappy student in France

Chapter 2: Revolution & Opportunity
The talented young artillery officer wins notice and a wife

Chapter 3: Fame & Glory
The 26-year-old proves he can command an army and astounds Europe

Chapter 4: Savior or Usurper?
The popular general seizes control of France from a discredited government

Chapter 5: Enlightened Despot or Tyrant?
First Consul for Life crowns himself an Emperor and dominates Europe

Chapter 6: History's Greatest General?
No one equaled him in his time, and he remains a model to emulate

Chapter 7: Exile & Legacy
The incredible story ends…or does it?


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