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 Back Issue, No. 2 : March 1996

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Campaign Study:

Side Road to Immortality
200 years ago, Napoleon was ordered to take command of the ill-fed, semi-mutinous Army of Italy. The Revolutionary Directory thought the too-popular 26- year-old general would disappear into this secondary theater of war. Bonaparte had other plans. 
By Todd Fisher

Tactics & Organization:

Exclusive Book Preview
What was warfare really like in the age of Bonaparte? We offer our readers an exclusive preview of With Musket, Cannon and Sword by Brent Nosworthy, the acclaimed author of The Anatomy of Victory, Battle Tactics 1689- 1763 on the Marlborough period. 
By Matt DeLaMater


Murderer or Martyr?
Jean-Paul Marat and Robespierre were leading radicals of the French Revolution. Charlotte Corday was a beautiful young woman who went to Paris with the sole purpose of killing Marat. Why? Did her actions help propel the "Reign of Terror"?
By Matt DeLaMater

Collector's Sourcebook:

A Guide to Napoleonic Uniform Reference Sources
The Napoleonic era featured a bewildering array of military uniforms. Where can you find examples of them? Which sources are accurate? Here is a guide to help locate uniform references for your library.
By Calvin W. Hurd

Napoleonic Product Survey
This new feature presents an illustrated overview of interesting products and services for scholars and buffs.

Uniform Study:

"Saucy Fellows"
The 95th Rifle Regiment served in Craufurd's legendary Light Division in Spain, and defended the sand pit behind La Haie Sainte at Waterloo. Instead of the traditional red coat, the Rifles wore dark green and were equipped with the famous Baker rifle.
By Kevin Kiley & Dana Lombardy


  • Editorial: A letter From the Managing Editor
  • Napoleonic Library: Reviews of Selected Titles
  • Travel: A Photographic Survey of the Best Napoleonic Museums in Europe
  • Game Review: Columbia's New Card Game Eagles: Waterloo-1815
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