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 Back Issue, No. 3 : May 1996

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200th Anniversary:

The Supporting Cast
Who were the men who served with or fought against General Bonaparte in his first independent command? Todd Fisher continues the saga of the 1796 Italian Campaign.

Featured Excerpt:

Flirting with Disaster
After capturing Vienna, Napoleon crossed the Danube seeking to crush the main Austrian army and end the campaign of 1809. With a swollen river at their backs, the French were in a dangerously exposed position. What happened next is presented in an exclusive book excerpt from James Arnold's Napoleon Conquers Austria. Arnold's vivid narrative is supplemented by new maps and illustrations commissioned for this reprint.

Game Review:

Le Petite Empereur
How do you introduce someone to the colorful and exciting hobby of Napoleonic miniatures wargaming? Chipo may have the answer with its easy-to-learn and fast-playing new game. Reviewed by Kip Trexel and Dana Lombardy.

Collector's Sourcebook:

Snuff Boxes
Snuff, a form of tobacco, had become quite fashionable by the time of Napoleon. Elegant and elaborate containers made to carry one's snuff were a popular gift. Examples of these beautiful boxes from the private collection of J. David Markham are showcased.

Protecting and Preserving Your Library
Owen D. Kubik, a dealer in fine and rare books, explains how to take care of your Napoleonic books.

Uniform Study:

Beau Sabreurs
The French Hussars were the stuff of legend and romance. What was the reality? John Elting, a leading scholar of the French Napoleonic army, examines the history of these famous light cavalrymen. With color illustrations by Keith Rocco and James Lancia, charts by Jean Lochet and the staff.


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