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Back Issue, No. 4 : July 1996

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200th Anniversary:

Maintaining the Initiative
Despite General Bonaparte's string of victories in the spring and summer of 1796, the Austrians stubbornly continued to contest Napoleon's control of northern Italy. The town of Mantua refused to surrender, and became the focal point for several battles. Todd Fisher presents the next installment in this series, along with photos from a recent tour of Italy.

Campaign Study:

Prelude to Leipzig
As the Allied armies converged upon Napoleon's Grande Armée in late 1813, Marshal Murat fought a spirited battle against the advance guard of the Army of Bohemia at Liebertwolkwitz. In an exclusive excerpt from his upcoming third book on the 1813 campaign, George Nafziger details the largest cavalry battle of the Napoleonic Wars, fought just two days before the "Battle of the Nations."

Uniform Study:

Napoleon's White Uniforms
The British blockade cut off supplies of indigo to France. Substitutes for the dye to make the familiar dark blue uniforms of the French infantry were unsatisfactory. Nearly a dozen regiments participated in the 1807 campaign wearing an experimental white uniform. The results are outlined by Calvin W. Hurd, with illustrations by Bea Hurd.

Fashion & Art

From Extravagance to Elegance
Women's fashion from the ancien régime to the French Revolution is examined in the first installment of a three-part series. In addition to enhancing a woman's allure, clothing and costume sometimes satirized events and made political statements. Text and color illustrations by Dr. Melanie Byrd.

Game Review:

Game number three in TalonSoft's Battleground computer game series is visually stunning and offers many historical as well as "what if?" scenarios to refight this famous battle. Reviewed by Drew Martin and Dana Lombardy. 


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