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 Back Issue, No. 5 : September 1996

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200th Anniversary:

General Bonaparte Defends His Conquests
In less than six months, 27-year-old Napoleon Bonaparte defeated three separate armies in northern Italy on the way to building a reputation as one of the Great Captains of history. Todd Fisher examines the crucial battles around Mantua in August and September, 1796, in the fourth installment of this bicentennial series. 

Campaign Study:

Battlefield Domination
While the Allies of the Third Coalition against France wanted Italy to be the main theater of war, Napoleon would dictate the pace and place of battle in 1805. Since June, 1803, the French army had been training for the expected renewal of hostilities. Nearly 28 months later, The Emperor would move his new Grande Armée against the Austrians before they could unite with the approaching Russian army. Overshadowed by the more famous engagement at Austerlitz later that year, the Ulm campaign presaged French domination of almost every battlefield for the next three years. The battle of Haslach-Jungingen, a microcosm of that mastery of combat, is presented here in unprecedented detail, an exclusive preview from Scott Bowden's initial volume of "The Glory Years" series to be released in 1997.

Fashion & Culture

One Excess Follows Another
Condemned by the Pope, moralists and satirists, French women's fashion after the Reign of Terror included a minimum of underclothing. The young, well-proportioned, and fashionable ladies of the Directory and Consulate periods displayed their charms in "scandalous" low-cut, transparent fabrics that shocked many. The second of a three- part illustrated series by Dr. Melanie Byrd.

Collector's Sourcebook:

Collecting a Piece of the Legend
Have you ever thought about collecting militaria of the Napoleonic era? Sheperd Paine offers an illustrated guide to First Empire military artifacts that both the novice and expert can appreciate.

Game Review:

Games USA's Friedland Board Game
Harold T. Parker's Three Napoleonic Battles presented Friedland as Napoleon at his best as a battlefield commander. This 1807 victory won mastery of Europe for the Emperor. It is therefore surprising that only two American board games have been done on this critical engagement. David McElhannon examines a new design approach by Games USA. 


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