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Back Issue, No. 8  :  April 1997

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200th Anniversary:

Bonaparte's Endgame
27-year-old General Napoleon Bonaparte had reached a pinnacle of success in less than a year in his first field command. He had defeated four separate field armies and three major attempts to relieve the Austrians trapped in the fortress of Mantua. Incredibly, the Austrians put together yet another army to try and retake northern Italy. This time Napoleon would face arguably Austria's best field commander, Archduke Charles, fresh from his own victories against the French armies operating in Germany. One day Charles would defeat Bonaparte, but not in this campaign.
By Todd Fisher 

Units and Uniforms:

Swedish Horse Artillery and the 1813 Campaign
Few Swedish units saw action against Napoleon's Grande Armée and its allies in the 1813 campaign. Even if the Crown Prince of Sweden (former French Marshal Bernadotte) was saving his small army for future action against Norway, there were Swedish officers anxious to fight now. The first to see combat was the horse artillery which participated in the largest battle of the Napoleonic Wars: Leipzig.
By Gustav P. Bergman


Marlborough and Bonaparte
David Geoffrey Chandler, author of The Campaigns of Napoleon, perhaps the most well-known single volume work on this era, shares his thoughts on his career of writing and teaching at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, his opinions of Napoleon, and his hopes for further study after a debilitating illness.
By Dr. June K. Burton

Game Review:

TalonSoft's Age of Sail
For those who were impressed with TalonSoft's Battleground: Waterloo computer game (see review in issue #3), this latest offering will be equally appreciated. An easy-to-learn game of the Age of Sail for the period 1775-1820, there are more than 100 different scenarios simulating ship-to-ship battles in a real-time format; ships move and fight simultaneously, unlike more familiar I-move-you-move type games.
By Chris Janiec


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